Top Essential Tools for Starting DIY Project at Home


We can call a professional only to drill a small hole in a gas stove’s main, hire a worker to make a shelf because these services are always available.

However, you will have to pay a big cost for a simple work, so why don’t you try to do-it- yourself with DIY tools?

Firstly, you should learn about DIY tool to find out where you should start and what tool you should have in your home first.

I will arrange it in a following descending necessary order so you can know it better.

Pliers, wrench, screwdriver and hammer


In any house, they are the most commonly used tools that can help you do many works like gardening, repairing house furniture.

These tools appear mostly in any house, they are helpful and easy-to-use. They are used for chores that every house may need.

Power drill


A power drill is versatile and used in many house works. You can drill the wall to hang something, or pierce a hole to lead gas mains, water pipes, or cables through the wall or thin floor.

The price of an electro drill is quite low now; anyone can buy it without wondering.  But I suggest a multifunctional drilling machine: drill steel, brick, concrete, and stone, with the function of adjusting speed and reversal motor that may is an exciting choice.

You will have to pay another fund in addition, but it is a reasonable investment.



To cut plastic pipe, steel, wood to make household items, a handheld saw is not a bad choice. However, you should choose a suitable saw for your needs, if you do more carpentry work, you should take a band saw for wood working.

You can save the scantling from professional woodshop, or buy wood and do the bookshelf, a desk, long chair, even a bed.

Then you will realize that you can have these house items with the incredible low cost. It is meaningful if you make it for your own house, or for your family, and the best part of this work is you can make it as you like, from the height, length, width to the design.

Work light or Flashlight

There’re emergencies when you need a flashlight. Particular work lamp and LED light are essential to make sure that you are sawing/ drilling correctly in no light or lack of light working environment.

Dust mask or Dust Collector System

industrial-sysWood dust can cause problems with your lung as well as your respiratory, wear a dust mask to keep your skin clean and breath healthily.

Besides, setting up a dust collector system is one of the most effective solution to keep dust away from your house or workshop.

Automatic nailer

If you are going to drive a lot of nails, an automatic nailer will save your time and energy than a hammer. A nail gun is really helpful in a serious project, not in repairing.

DIY is the familiar definition with all of us, but most of people just do it as a hobby than a solution for real needs. DIY doesn’t stop at housework like hanging a picture or fixing a table. You also can make a shelf, desk, chair, even a garage or whatever you like by yourself. I hope these basic tools can help you complete your DIY toolbox to starting DIY project at home.

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