How To Make Banana Juice

Stay and live healthy – is a well-known nowadays. Most of people want to improve the standard of living including both body and spirit. Therefore, they always have to take care of themselves, especially their health because the healthier you are, the better things you will get as your wish. Nowadays, there are many ways which are able to supply you for caring of your health such as doing more exercise, controlling the amount of nutrient in your daily meal, eating more fruits or drinking juice which is made from any fruit you like. Banana juice is one of the most popular juice currently. The main reason why most people like drinking banana juice is its own benefits.



Some benefits of banana juice

Banana is such an amazing fruit due to its taste – sweet and delicious. It was known as a best choice for taking care of health. Providing power and nutrient for your body seems its obvious benefit. Besides that, there are more other excepting benefits.

  • Good for digestion: Apart from vitamins included in banana, there is still fiber – an ingredient which can help your digestion better.
  • Providing more power for brain: According to some recent researches, eating banana or drinking a glass of banana juice every morning will make your brain better, and even boost the ability to save memories. Due to potassium – an ingredient included in banana, it can bring more power for your brain.
  • Having a healthy heart: Because of the amount of potassium and the low number of salt consisted of banana, drinking banana juice will supply your more energy for your body, especially heart. It is like a medicine which will help you to have not only a stronger heart but also healthier body.
  • Fruit for diet: If you are thinking about which food is able to make your weight loss, it will be banana. On the other hand, it is known as an essential fruit which have to be listed in the menu of diet program.
  • Stress control: Having the mount of tryptophan, banana juice make your body create serotonin after drinking. This item is able to control blood pressure and reduce stress, and even treat some associated issues.

The way to make a glass of banana juice

Banana juice is combination between banana and honey, milk, and another fruits like apple. This mixture makes your drink taste well. On the other hand, it is a full of nutritive juice.

Ingredients to make a glass of banana juice include:

  • Two bananas
  • One-second apple
  • Two coffee spoons honey
  • 120ml milk or water (milk is recommended more)


  • Clean banana and apple with fresh water
  • Remove the thin outer layer of both banana and apple.
  • Cut banana into a small slices with medium size like a small round, and apple too.
  • Prepare a blender jar, and add banana, apple, honey, and the amount of milk or water into this machine.
  • Blend this mixture until it becomes so smooth.
  • In case, after completing, you can check it by tasting a little bit with a coffee spoon. Provided that it is so thick, you can add a little milk or water, and then blend it one more time.
  • Pour this mixture into a glass and enjoy or serve.

Some useful tips you can handle within you make banana juice.

  • If you want to enjoy a cold glass of banana juice, you can add some ice cubes after pouring into a glass. It will make you feel fresher. Moreover, you can be more creative for your juice by adding the amount of ice cubes into mixture. It will be better if you add them into a blender jar together with banana, apple, honey and milk. We can name it “banana ice blended”. In a normal way, ice cubes produced from the home fridge will be too large to put into the machine. However, a portable ice maker can do it. It can produce ice cubes with the various size you want. So, choosing the small number of ice cubes will make your process quickly, and even your drink smoother.
  • Don’t use juicer to make banana juice because it include less water than the other fruits.
  • Change the mount of honey to be suitable for your taste.
  • Enjoy it immediately after completing because if you leave it so long, it will change its taste and turn into dark color, and be not as good as a cup you have just made already.
  • Apple is optional, so you can replace it by carrot. Be healthier than you expected.


Banana juice is an easy making and healthy juice. Just spend a short time like 15 minutes each day and you will have a healthy drink. Enjoy a glass of banana juice to have more health. Good luck!

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