In general speaking, it is considered that the appearance is one of the most remarkable factors to help the women in getting the significant successes in their life. To get this goal, most of the women make a decision to register their name into gym clubs or sports clubs to keep fit to have a perfect body as well as to have a good health.

However, they have to face the difficulties in practicing and one of the things happens to be to find the way to have comfortable athletic hairstyles, especially for the women having long hair.

To be honest, they desire hairstyles that are not only efficient, not interfering but also still stylish and cute. Because of above requirements, sporty hairstyles have been recently created to satisfy the modern ladies with beneficial features that are suitable for working or taking part in sports clubs.

Therefore, in our list of hairstyles of the Summer collection, we have named many fundamental sporty hairstyles for ladies that have different forms of the face. Now, let discover and try them, dear ladies!

Flat braid


The first one we want to introduce is Flat braid which is combined a half of pony with simple waterfall braid elements. This style is designed suitably for the women with oval face to make them active and good-looking.

Long ponytail with a wrap- around the braid

Next, we together discover the Long ponytail with a wrap- around the braid. In recently our survey carried out in 100 female students of Sports Center A, it is said that this style is one of the most comfortable athletic hairstyles for the girls with long hair.

It makes the women with round face more attractive and confident because it is a simple combination between the Flat braid with many ponies divided into smaller parts.

Two braids and fishtail


The following hairstyle all women should try is the two braids and fishtail. Quickly, we can imagine immediately how this style is because of its name.

Unlike two above sporty hairstyles, this style is just only for long hair that has been recently washed due to their suitable softness as possible we need.

To make this one, the first crucial step is to create two braids after washing for 2 minutes and then use the hair dryer to make the beautiful smoothness for the hair.

The next step is to make the fishtail and combine it with two braids we created before.

Mini bunshqdefault (1)

The final one is a very simple sporty style in our list. Its name is mini buns.

To make two buns, you have to create two ponytails first and after that, form them into two mini buns on each side of your head.

Besides providing some above styles, many tips are written in this collection. One of the most remarkable tips is how to choose the hair dryer for fine hairstyles.

Actually, there are many kinds of hair dryer sold in the market; however, not all of them brings good effect. Therefore, we recommend that you should use hair dryer of

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