10 meter air pistol competition announcement

Shooting competition when hearing the word “competition”. It’s a common mistake that people think competition is only for professional shooters and there is no room for amateurs. Well, there is no room for a beginner, but if you’re someone who knows and have been practiced shooting, you’re invited to join us. Keep in mind that shooting sports are for gun nuts.

People usually complain about how they are not good enough and that they need more practice for competitions. If you want to participate, just do it. No one cares about how bad you are. And, by participating alongside with other professional shooters, you will learn new things and improve faster than you have ever been. Most pro players learn quickly and become pro after competitions.

With the support of BraveHunters , Wildlifetracker, Huntwilding and TeamBigShot, we’re are happy to announce you about the upcoming competition.

10 meter air pistol

Date: From 10th September to 15th January, 2017


Target groups: All participants regardless of sex, age, citizenship will be allowed


Based on the rules of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF)

Gun: 4.5 mm (or .177) caliber air guns.

Distance: 10 meters (11 yards)

Shots and period for men: 60 shots within 75 minutes (electronic scoring system used)

Shots and period for women: 40 shots within 50 minutes (electronic scoring system used)

Preparation and sighting time: 15 minutes (both men and women)

Standard target: The 10m Air Pistol Target (Rule is used for the 10m Air Pistol Standard Event
Ready position: participants must lower their arms and adopt the READY position. The pistol must not be raised until the command START is given or the red lights are off.

  • Every shot fired after the command START will be counted.
  • All pistol will be available for the athletes to adjust the sight
  • Participants are allowed to test the pistol before the beginning of the stage
  • The pistol must be operated by 1 hand.
  • The pistol will only contain 1 pellet at a time
  • The distance from the ground level to the center of the target is 1400mm (1.4m)
  • The firing point is 1 meter wide and 10 meters away from the target.
  • The target is 17x17cm. Inner 10 ring. Each ring will worth 1 point so the ring in the middle will worth 10 points. The diameter of the ring in the middle is 11.5mm (1.5cm)
  • The target will be changed after every 10 shots.


  • Gas-driven pistols with a caliber of 4.5 mm.
  • Minimum trigger weight: 500 grams
  • Overall weight: 1.5kg
  • Special supportive clothing, shoes and optical aids are not allowed.
  • Ear protection will not be provided (participants are recommended to bring their own)


  • The top 8 shooters will advance to the final
  • Number of shots: 3
  • Maximum time per shot: 50
  • After every 3 shots, the shooter with the lowest score will drop. Thus, beginning another 3 shots until we have a winner.
  • Prizes: Medals, Cash and giveaways by our sponsors BraveHunters, Berreta and Kimber.

For long, pistol shooting has been an art yet to master. Shooting is a sport of balance, precision and A LOT of practice. Whether you’re up for real competitions or just want to experience a competition, please, join us. This is also an opportunity for you to meet up with new players from around the country. We’re looking forward for your participation.

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